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Then it was time to design the emblem for the logo which would allow people to identify the company easily. To do this I created a simple white curve with the curvature tool making the stroke a thin to thick style. 

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The first curve was then duplicated to combine the two together intertwining each other. The logo now has a strong meaning behind the brand which makes it more powerful and serves more of a purpose. The completed logo is pictured below.

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Next the client urgently needed a professional website to be created so that they could start displaying the stock they had bought and allow people to purchase items online. I created an entire website including the online store option where people can shop and browse for items and then pay through pay pal on the website giving them a receipt through email. The orders would then be received to the clients email address linked up to the website that I had set up (manager@intwinefashion.co.uk) so that they could keep track of the orders and where to ship the items. 

The style of the website was requested to look professional and consistent with the company logo. I ensured this was achieved by using the exact code for the light pink throughout the website and keep the fonts sharp and clean. Providing a clear and easy layout for people to navigate through the site. 

Below are a couple of still screenshots of the website and this is a link to the website itself - www.intwinefashion.co.uk

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The platform I used to create the website was Wix, which I find easy to navigate and offers the oppurtunity for freedom and creativity. The client requested that they wanted to be easily found on google and be near the top of the search rankings. So below you can see the SEO (search engine optimisation) I entered into the back end of the website to ensure the site had everything it needed to be boosted up the search rankings. Firstly I had to connect the site to google search and then enter keywords that we predicted people would search for, related to that industry and the specific target audience they are selling to. 


Once the website was completed the next task was to create an online presence in the form of social media accounts. This would give the clients the oppurtunity to connect and engage with their target audience through the power of social media. They decided that this is where most of the driven sales would come from via messages in inboxes and arranging for people to come and try on the clothes at their home as they do not have a shop. The social media we decided to create was just Facebook and Instagram as we felt these were the most relevant applications to find their target audience and promote the business. Also Facebook and Instagram is more focused on posting images which is why we felt Twitter was not necessary at this time. 

In order to ensure that the brand image is consistent I used the same logo for the company accounts and kept to the same colour scheme and fonts. Once the accounts were set up, polished and fine tuned I left it in the hands of the clients to which they are now actively using successfully and gaining a lot of interest and business. 

As you can see below the accounts are now taking off with a lot of posts and followers, all gained in the last month. Before the clients started using the accounts I advised them to just constantly post content every day and interact with followers doing give aways and competitions, which have been extremely popular in gaining sales and business inquiries. 


Once the company had started to pick up and gain some business the clients realised that they would need some gift bags and price tags printed. So I designed the gift bags and price tags and got them printed from a contact in the area. The benefit of printing gift bags and price tags with a logo onto it is that people will remember where its from and go and visit the social media and websites more frequently. It's about leaving a reminder for people, making a statement and promoting the company image. 

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Although the company is making a lot of sales and doing some good business the only thing they were lacking is an actual store or shop people could come to and visit to see the clothes and try them on. This creates a problem most of the time. There are ways around it such as doing pop up shops in peoples homes and doing market stalls to sell the stock, however there needs to be something more creative and easily accessible to the target audience where they can see the stock available within a click of a button. My idea to solve this issue within the company is to create a virtual showroom / shop that will show people all of the stock available close up in a kind of virtual tour around a room imposing as the Intwine Fashion Store. I created this virtual room using After Effects by mapping out a basic 3D template of a room and then designing the textured layers in photoshop to add into later. It was then a case of adding these layers into After Effects and creating a 3D moving image camera swing around the room. 

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