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Then it was time to design the emblem for the logo which would allow people to identify the company easily. To do this I created a simple white curve with the curvature tool making the stroke a thin to thick style. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 23.41.06.png

The first curve was then duplicated to combine the two together intertwining each other. The logo now has a strong meaning behind the brand which makes it more powerful and serves more of a purpose. The completed logo is pictured below.

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 23.41.28.png


Next the client urgently needed a professional website to be created so that they could start displaying the stock they had bought and allow people to purchase items online. I created an entire website including the online store option where people can shop and browse for items and then pay through pay pal on the website giving them a receipt through email. The orders would then be received to the clients email address linked up to the website that I had set up (manager@intwinefashion.co.uk) so that they could keep track of the orders and where to ship the items. 

The style of the website was requested to look professional and consistent with the company logo. I ensured this was achieved by using the exact code for the light pink throughout the website and keep the fonts sharp and clean. Providing a clear and easy layout for people to navigate through the site. 

Below are a couple of still screenshots of the website and this is a link to the website itself - www.intwinefashion.co.uk

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